The Real Sisters of Palm Desert

My sister and I, owners of She She and She She Kids (clothing boutiques),  have been wanting to start a Blog for quite some time! (Amy on the right & i'm Cara) We have great ideas we want to share, which we usually come up with at our 5:30am boot camp class. As full time working mothers before we know it our work day is over, the night time routines begin and our heads are still spinning when they hit the pillow just in time for our seven hour recharge (or less depending on if our kids decide to sleep through the night) before we have to do it all over again.
If only you could see what our days entail, I’m sure you would find humor as we do. My sister recently (and jokingly) called me a rundown used car after I went on and on about my hectic life and being sick for four weeks. After a long laugh (that you'll often find us doing), I realized that's what I am. BUT I love it! I am a mom of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a pet owner, a hard worker, a this, a that who keeps the house in order, laundry cleaned, bottles washed (ok I’ll give my hubby credit for that), kids clothes, toys and life organized, well you get my drift. All the stuff that makes me feel alive!
My sister’s life is a little more humorous. She has an eighteen month old, a five year old and a seven year old. Her life is boys, girls, sports, dance, gymnastics, play-dates, school, homework, drive here, drive there, drive everywhere, bla bla bla (and we’ll give her hubby some credit too, “Ryan, you’re doing a great job!”). All while keeping me on the phone telling me about her morning, afternoon and night of what she did and didn't accomplish that day. If we're not sitting next to each other at the office,  or working out together or vacationing together, we're on the phone listening to our husbands tell us to get off the phone that we'll see each other tomorrow. It is a bit nauseating but it gives us a chance to catch up on....well...who knows, we're just annoyingly close.
And then there is our Mother, Eve! She is our silent partner, BUT she's not so silent (wink, wink), “Hi Mom, we love and adore you!” Wait till you get a glimpse into her life, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  She can fit about 15 grandkids in her car at once, I still haven’t figured out how. If she’s not taking care of one of her grandkids, she's on the phone with one of her three daughters (yes we have another sister we’ll introduce you to), doing laundry, grocery shopping or just moving and shaking. She's our believer, motivator, lecturer and executor of all our great ideas! She is what brought She She and She She Kids to life, so without her you wouldn’t be reading this…Thanks Mom!
Anyway, back to why we want to blog. We get the inside scoop on what's hot, what's not, what coming in what’s going out, what you NEED, what you don't need and we want to share this with you! We also want to share our own struggles of finding the perfect things to wear, keeping our closets clean and organized, staying up to date on clothing, keeping our kids clothed and organized and the struggles of keeping a balance between work and home. Our hopes are to keep you up to date, informed and laughing with our crazy busy lives!
Thanks for reading our first entry! We can't wait to share what we come up with next at our 5:30am boot camp class...yes; I said 5:30am!


  1. I sat next to your Mom on a plane from NY this girls are very lucky! Please give her my email: and my website: for your Dad's Real Estate Co. Will shop in your store when I visit the Desert! Best, Heidi

  2. Hi you 2.. Jeffrey Dean and I am re launching my kids "playwear"..Little van Goe's.. VERY unique 'playwear' for little artists.. The whole point is to encourage and inspire kids up to 6, to express themselves. Doing art and having the freedom to be expressive...without limits. My hope is to inspire more real hands on art.. not only playing with computers but really painting etc.
    We all know that no matter a child's situation their art goes up on the fridge and they get praise..which ALWAYS helps their sense of esteem...ALWAYS. if even for 5 min.
    So!! I'll be contacting you soon...just wanted to introduce myself....H! :)
    I'll be in touch. My site and line is under construction. I sold to Nordstrom's and 22 Saks stores ..a while ago..

  3. Oh forgot to mention I am joining with several children's organizations to help in anyway needed. So a % of our sales will always be going out to several of these kinds of things..thanks!

  4. Me a Blog huh... seems I'm one of 2 fans here...what's up with need a boost??? my email is me ..I'll give you a sneak preview of Little Van Goes'... cool???? Hope to hear from you..) I know one of the stores for kids is going to want an "exclusive" Ob and to see my work go here: